Who isDom Golightly?

Dominique Golightly is a Philly native, Atlanta-based Hybrid Designer. Her 9-yr industry cred ranges from high volume e-commerce websites and digital products to developing interactive emails from scratch. Throw in a little SEO, product design, business development, micro-sites, landing pages, digital marketing and social content and you’ve got the black unicorn of the internet world. Her unique skillset has allowed her to quickly and effectively take products from concept to shipment, whiteboard to launch and from paper napkin to billboards.


Dominique began her journey learning the fundamentals of art & design in middle school. As a teenage millennial, most of her friends were obsessed with the AOL chatrooms while Dominique became captivated by web and graphic design. She went on to major in Graphic and Interactive Design at Tyler School of Art, but family affairs took things south—to Atlanta. From there she switched gears and pursued a BA in Marketing at AIU with the dream of one day running the creative department of an ad agency.


Dominique began her career at a smaller agency as an Intern turned Web Designer. There she sharpened her digital edge and began to build a network of entrepreneurs and startups alike. Once the agency dissolved, she freelanced until being recognized by a global professional Medical Education organization specializing in educational activities for physicians who treat patients with cancer. She traveled internationally with the company often to conferences and seminars as an Interactive Web Designer to produce content as soon it became available.

As Dominique’s family grew, she made the decision to make them priority while still keeping her dreams alive. With her passion for digital marketing and design coupled with her husband’s passion for fitness, Golightly Fit – a fitness training studio – was born. Over the years, Dominique caught the entrepreneurial bug and continued freelancing as a web designer, social media marketer, and product designer. In fact, it was her search for budget-friendly, branded t-shirts that brought her to buying screen printing equuipment to create posters and branded t-shirts for the gym.

She loved printing the shirts so much in fact that she started yet another side hustle – Parentees. She built the brand and sold thousands of t-shirts, mugs, and other tsotchkes that caught the attention of thousands millennial parents and the #1 personal branding school for millennial women – Bossbabe. She became one of the most highly recognizable Brand Ambassadors and course creator for the brand that has thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of followers. To monetize the attention, she began freelancing as a Hybrid Designer creating logos, email templates, and websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As her tiny humans approached school-age, Dominique decided it was time to gain a competitive edge on candidates as she re-entered the job market. She took a 10-week career accelerator course for Front-End Web Development with General Assembly which along with her impressive portfolio landed her a senior level role at Ballard Designs as a Front-End Web Developer. During her tenure, she was the only on-site web developer that helped to rollout and code a multi-phased re-design on the high-volume ecommerce website as well as single-handedly redesign and manage security of the brand’s WordPress blog – HowToDecorate.com.


/ˈhīˌbrid/ /dəˈzīnər/

Part web designer, part front-end web developer — a talented person who can design visually yet also has a vast understanding of web development tools (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and able to integrate those into their workflow.
synonyms: unicorn, creative genius, web designer 2.0;


In addition to being the Director of Brand & Digital for a fitness company she started with her husband in 2012, Dominique is currently working on a web and email projects for start-ups as a freelancer. She is constantly staying up to date on the latest web technologies and design practices while she keeps an eye out for a new project that allows her to bring both her creative and technical skills to the next level.


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